Monday, October 26, 2009

*OMG the new Jordans come out SATURDAY!*

How many people buy Michael Jordan's shoes? In highschool I was introduced to "Jordans" for the first time. I never was into the whole shoe scene especially because I was raised to not worry about my name brands but appreciate any kind of clothes you were given because you were not the one who was buying them. So everyone knows that you HAVE to be the cool kid in highschool; wear all the name brands, have all friends, be in all the sports, and be so called "hot". All these "popular" kids had the newest cell phone, shoes, clothes, and car (if old enough to drive). I happened to fit right in between when it came right down to it when I started high school, only thing I didn't have is the JORDANS. It was like some craze for everyone to get a pair of Jordans to be in the "in" group! I always wore a crisp white pair of K-Swiss or Air Force Ones. So I wasn't dusty but just not in with the Jordans. My second year of highschool I was old enough to work, I got a job because I was raised to where if I wanted extra, then I had to earn it. I wanted a pair of Jordans to just to say I own a pair! I got my paycheck and went to Finishline. There was a line of people buying Jordans when I walked inside. I got a pair of Jordan Retro 7s. At the time I was on Cloud 9 because I was going to go to school that Monday rocking my Jordans and everyone would just stare at me while I walked the hallways and compliment me on my shoes. These shoes were $135, my whole paycheck but I felt as though it was worth every penny. And I was right, I got to school and everybody was complimenting me on my shoes but everybody in the school had the same shoes on. So how was I different than anybody else? Everyone had the same shoes, why was I buying these shoes just to look like everybody else? I was caught up in the "I have to have the new Jordans scene." Now mind you I just bought those Jordans but the next two weeks new Jordans came out. I felt as though if I wore my Jordans to school then I wasn't part of the "cool" group because I don't have the updated design. I had to put my Kswiss back on because I thought about it and if new Jordans keep coming out every two-three weeks then I'm basically paying Jordan my hard earned paycheck. Being a server in highschool is not the easiest job.
My parents never bought me Jordans or all those fancy brands and now that I'm a 20 years of age and in college, I realize how things really work due to Sociology and Psychology. When I hear about mostly guys getting extra hype because the new Jordans are arriving, I shake my head. I know that everyone needs clothes and shoes but Jordans are very expensive. I'm not knocking Michael Jordan because he is the all time greatest basketball player in my book and is a legend. Its funny how the African American community feels the need to keep buying Jordans every Friday or Saturday when they drop in the stores or wait in long ass lines. I'm not sure people are realizing this is how the rich stay rich and the poor stays poor. College has taught me that "fear" sales products; if you are scared that you don't look like your favorite celebrity then the sales market knows how to manipulate the customers to go that extra mile just to look like a celebrity. Photoshop!!! Celebrities do not look the way they do in magazines. Check and type in "Dove Evolution Commercial." Jordans are indeed comfortable and long lasting shoes but wait really are not long lasting because if you are caught wearing an old pair then you are considered dusty or unpopular. The shoes are geared towards athletes and the commercials make you think "Hey I can be just like Mike" if I buy these shoes or I can dunk better if I get these shoes. I haven't tested that theory considering I'm only 5'6 lol but Jordans are just shoes with his name on it.
Jordan was one of the most effectively marketed athletes of his generation. Although Jordan is retired, he is still collecting money and thats great. However, when you google Jordan, you get a list of all his achievements in the NBA history and his businessman status. You would think that for him to be such a huge basketball icon to especially young African American children and young adults that he would contribute A LOT to the African American community because THAT is where his sales are booming. Not saying that other races buy his line or other products he endorses but majority of it comes strictly from the black community. Yes, he has donated to the Boys and Girls Club once or twice but I would think there would be something more that he would have started to contribute back to all the people that drop a good $150 for a pair of shoes that they won't even wear after the next pair drops out the next two weeks or so. All fashion trends come and go but Jordans is one major fashion trend that people need to be aware of what is really going on. Not everyone knows that it doesn't take much money to make a pair of shoes. Its called a sweat shop. All they do is use the same design every other month but change the shoe string or the color and we as customers go for it and buy another pair.
Again; "FEAR" sales product. We all fall victim to it because we need clothes and shoes but theres no reason to keep on buying Jordans back to back. I can see every now and then. I'm just tired of seeing grown men and women but mostly men who can't wait until they get paid so they can go wait in line for the new Jordans and they have bills to pay. Priorities are not set straight, Jordan is sitting back collecting your hard earned money while (the sweat shop is in effect) then you are wearing the Jordans but probably don't even have a car,waiting on the bus stop. I guess people want to look good on the bus stop lol I hope the shoes were worth it, I'm sorry but I rather pay my bills, get out of my mother's house, and save my money towards a car or my school tuition! If you are a Jordan fan and do the things I've listed, I really hope I have given you a whole new perspective on the sales market. I'm not saying do not buy his products but just be smart about your buying decisions.


  1. Underamour sneakers are WAY better anyway. :-P

  2. very insightful...ur pretty wise afterall :)